Synergy CRM Consultants Inc. 

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Synergy CRM can help you define the scope, milestones, plan and reporting needs of your CRM project.  Here at Synergy, we begin our projects with an analysis session.  This session allows us to identify the scope of our client's project and to create a plan for customizing and implementing the best CRM solution according to our client's needs. 

Data Conversion

Why re-enter all your data!?  Synergy offers a wide range of data cleansing and conversion services to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Synergy will configure your chosen CRM and install your CRM if it is an on premise in your environment.  We work with your existing IT resources to ensure that the CRM is installed and configured properly.  Proper configuration of your CRM is the foundation upon which a successful CRM implementation is built.


Synergy CRM Consultants offers a wide variety of training options - from one-on-one training to classroom style or web based.  We have predefined agendas, or we will work with you to create a custom agenda and curriculum to ensure that the training is tailored to you specific needs.  Most training sessions fall into one of these three categories: 


End User Training

End User training is tailored to the day to day user and covers all the basic functionalities of your CRM. No matter if the participant is new to CRM or a seasoned user perfecting particular skills, End User training will cover topics ranging from entering new contacts, filtering and lookups, tracking calls, meetings and to-do's, to entering and managing sales pipelines through the use of Opportunities.


Power User Training

Power User training is for intermediate to advanced users and focuses on topics such as advanced calendaring, synching contacts and calendars to Outlook or Google, data cleansing, managing opportunities and mail merge template customization.


Administrator Training

Administrator training will make you as self sufficient as you want to be!  This class will cover topics including installation and configuration requirements and concerns, creating and managing users, importing data, customizing CRM screens, customizing report templates, database and field security options and backup/restore procedures.


Technical Support

Synergy CRM Consultants offers technical support from a one off issue based option to a yearly support contract.  Contact us to help us build a support package that is right for you.